Summer 2022

We've been dancing all summer, finally - having a great time at small dance outs with friends from neighbouring sides.

Summer 2020

It's been a funny old time this summer, with Covid-19 preventing many Festivals. We've been keeping up to date with each other and looking forward to the future when we can practice and perform again. In the meantime, stay safe.

Summer 2019

Bovey Tracey Green Man (Saturday 27 April)

A wind warning put paid to the craft market and road closures, but the Morris dancers (being generally a bit heavy to be blown away) carried on regardless in alternative dance spots. I'm pretty sure that the Gasket Rats danced in a shower of small hail at one point.

For us it was our first outing with a new musician - Mandolin Morris Man Martin - who lost his Morrisginity on the wild streets of Bovey Tracey. It was also the first outing in two seasons of the classic dance Whirlygig, a crowd pleaser with its shifting axis and constant motion.

Other teams had also braved the conditions and we enjoyed seeing old friends from many sides. In an additional twist, the squire fancied a weatherproof afternoon spot and so we had our first dance inside a distillery. Dartmoor Distillary, formerly the town hall for an afternoon of weatherproof dancing.

Teignmouth Folk Festival

We had a lovely weekend at Teignmouth with some fantastic dancing - not least when we managed to get two sets up in front of a large crowd in the Triangle.

Bridport Folk Festival

Bridport was pleasingly dry this year, and we got some lovely dances in.

Lyme Regis Folk Festival

This was the last outing of the season, and an odd one, since the other booked teams had suffered so many injuries that they could not make it, so we soldiered on, entirely alone.  This led, in turn to us getting injuries, including a broken metatarsal.